HowTo Post - Mail Setup



All posts to the EmbroideryLine must be in Plain Text Format. If you post in HTML format your post will be bounced back to you. The Information below should help to get your email program set to send in plain text mode. We have tried to list the most popular programs. If the information here does not help you, please email for help.

Once you have become a member, you will start receiving the EmbroideryLine messages. To REPLY to a message, press the REPLY button in your email program and then type your REPLY to the post. When finished press the SEND button in your email program.

To post a NEW message, start a NEW email message in your email program. Address it to Please notice the .COM. Enter a SUBJECT, then type in your comment or question. When finished press the SEND button in your email program.

Please remember to erase all but the pertinent information that keeps the postings understandable, and it helps keep the Digest Version as comfortable to read as possible. The first thing you should do is change the subject line, if needed, and then erase all but the information necessary to keep the conversation understandable. This includes the footers and information inserted at the bottom. This is appreciated by all.



Help Setting Plain Text Mode in the Most Popular Email Programs