Registration and Policies



The Embroidery Line discussion group is a discussion group for the embroidery industry operated by
Helen Hart Momsen.

The Embroidery Line is moderated to provide a safe and non-partisan discussion group for the embroidery industry, but it is moderated 'after the fact,' so as to allow timely answers as well as an 'honor system' of posting. The EmbroideryLine moderators read each and every message, AFTER they are posted.

As a result, messages will sometimes be posted that are less than honest, or have comments that are not appropriate. Any member posting such a message will be given one warning by private Email. Private responses to the warning are welcome. A second offense will result in the cancellation of membership and all Embroidery Line privileges, no questions or warning involved. Once removed for cause, there will be no reinstatement .

Rules and Regulations for Participation

  1. All posts to the Embroidery Line must have a signature. You must include your name, and MAY, if you desire, include a company name, phone and fax and address and any web site owned exclusively by you.
  2. Only web sites belonging to the person submitting the post will be allowed in the signature file. Please do not include links to any company that is not owned exclusively by you.
  3. All Signatures should be limited to give just contact information and not be advertisements. DO NOT include any advertisements, slogans or other extraneous information in your signature file. ONLY the actual and precise name of your company is allowed, NOT a decription of what you do. Members who do not abide by these signature file guidelines will be removed.
  4. All Embroidery Line members are offered a listing on the SidELINERS page for the purpose of describing  their business in full, including any extra services and supplying contact information. The cost of this listing is $95.00 per year beginning December 1, 2007 for members presently listed. New listings will be billed from the time of insertion. Price is for one entry only. Multiple listings under different categories are permitted. Each additional listing will add $20.00 per year to the base price. If you wish any of your listings to be bold, a  color other than black, or have underlining,  there will be an extra $10.00 fee for each listing.
  5. Listings for members who are VENDORS of machines, digitizing software and supplies, garments or goods, and any organizations will be $180.00 with the same extra fee for bold, color or underlining. If you are an embroiderer or digitizer and also sell as a VENDOR of goods, your listings will be priced as a vendor.
  6. Links to your websites will be included in your listing. If you do not presently have a website, we will be happy to assist you in getting a web presence set up easily. Membership in the Embroidery Line discussion group itself will continue to be free.
  7. No advertising, or SPAM mail is allowed. A direct answer to queries wanting information on certain products or services is allowed. The response to such a query should be information on how to contact you or the party that can provide this product or service, not an advertisement giving full product lines and/or pricing. If you recommend a business or site and YOU OWN IT you must disclose this.
  8. FOR SALE ITEMS  If you have items you wish to sell, visit the for sale area on the website. There is a special member price. Non-members are allowed to post. Premium members can post for free as part of their membership.  Items for sale can't be listed in Embroidery Line posts but you can notify the membership that there are "new items" listed at the FOR SALE area.
  9. Personal attacks are not allowed. The Moderators have the final say in determining if a post is meant as an attack. Leave all derogatory comments out of your posts. Take all political comments to forums that exist for that purpose. Debate is welcome and encouraged, but "healthy" debate does not include negative personal comments. Facts, personal experiences, and information are considered healthy debate. Any negative, mean or derogatory posts sent privately as a result of any discussion, offer or other exchange on the Embroidery Line to other members or non-members will result in removal. The owner will make the final decision once any moderator or the owner is presented with the offending post.
  10. File attachments are not allowed except for jpgs. Many viruses are spread through the Internet. One of the easiest ways for a virus to spread is through file attachments. The Embroidery Line recommends that all who use the Internet also use a current virus protection program. In the past, other email-based groups have been sent a malicious virus. We ALL need to be aware this possibility does exist, and take the appropriate precautions. 
  11.  "Third party" advertisement is not allowed. Companies or vendors monitoring the Embroidery Line may answer direct questions - but doing so posing as a satisfied customer instead of a distributor is less than honest - and not allowed. Posting for non-members is not allowed. Do NOT forward advertisements, any other notices or personal comments from a non-member. If a person has something to say in the E-Line forum, it is appropriate for him/her to obtain membership first, allowing the moderators to verify name and registration information. 
  12. Information published at the Embroidery Line is owned by the Embroidery Line and protected as such. As we do not allow letters from non-members to be published on the Embroidery Line, so the information shared at the Embroidery Line is not to be published in other forums. To do this without express permission from those who write the words is infringement of rights. To do this, or use the information from the Embroidery Line to promote or advance another email or discussion forum without the written permission of the owner of the Embroidery Line, is not permitted and will result in the removal, without notice, from the Embroidery Line membership.
  13. Chain letters are not allowed on the EmbroideryLine. It is understood that a certain degree of camaraderie develops between members of an email forum.  But, there are joke and inspirational lines available for those who wish to participate. 
  14. VENDORS of machines or digitzing software may place a two or three word description in their signature file to identify their product affiliation. EXAMPLE: Machine tech (state the specific brand if applicable) or Software Distributer (substitute your brand for the word "software."  This identifies you in case someone is interested in your product and allows the reader to know that you are affiliated with the product which offers transparency and credibility to your posts.
  15. FREE DESIGNS Requests for free digitizing or designs or offers to trade designs are not allowed and will result in the immediate removal of the member. Digitzers work for a living and are entitled to payment. Any other agreement arrived at privately is between the digitizer and customer. You may ask where to find a certain design and if it is available free on a website, the one answering the post may supply the website, not the design.
  16. The owner of the Embroidery Line will post items for sale or post letters for non-members at her discretion. An example of this is when there might be a benefit to the Embroidery Line membership.

Fill out and submit the following form to become a registered member of the Email discussion group called The Embroidery Line. The rules and regulations are required reading, and submission of The Registration Form acknowledges that you have read and fully agree to the Rules of the Embroidery Line.