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The information used from this form will be posted on the WEB site. If  The information listed by Embroidery Line members will be listed on the SidEliners page. Non-members will be listed on a Services Directory page.See below for fee schedule. 

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  1. All Embroidery Line members are offered a listing on the SidELINERS page for the purpose of describing  their business in full, including any extra services and supplying contact information. The cost of this listing is $60.00 per year beginning December 1, 2007 for members presently listed. New listings will be billed from the time of insertion. Price is for one entry only. Multiple listings under different categories are permitted. Each additional listing will add $10.00 per year to the base price. If you wish any of your listings to be bold, a  color other than black, or have underlining,  there will be an extra $10.00 fee for each listing. Listings for members who are VENDORS of machines, digitizing software and supplies, garments or goods, and any organizations will be $120.00 with the same extra fee for bold, color or underlining. If you are an embroiderer or digitizer and also sell as a VENDOR of goods, your listings will be priced as a vendor. We are working on a changing banner ad format and prices for inclusion in that will be listed later. Links to your websites will be included in your listing. If you do not presently have a website, we will be happy to assist you in getting a web presence set up easily.

We accept Visa and MasterCard. We accept PayPal. Please let us know how you wish to pay. We will contact you for Credit Card. PayPal can be submitted to

2. Non-members may be listed for a fee of $120.00 per year plus $15.00 for each additional listing or special effect. Non-member vendors listings will cost $225.00 per year.  If you wish to join the Embroidery Line and take advantage of the membership prices, you must be a member for six months or more to qualify.